The purpose of our Society is to promote organic methods of growing in the cultivation of Cannabis.

We want to unite the best growers, patients, and businesses that have been or are just starting in the burgeoning cannabis “business”. We encourage our SOCIETY to grow and use cannabis with the highest intentions, and to share their knowledge with others.  All endeavors in food and medicine should start in the heart, it should be a labor of LOVE, with a focus of nourishment and healing. With these intentions our Society will help guide the best growers of the highest quality safe medicinal and commercial marijuana products.

Used for thousands of years safely with profound benefits, cannabis is safe and healthy. It is used as a treatment for those that experience a wide variety of ailments including some with life-threatening consequences and chronic pain. It is our intention to develop and build a society of Organically minded growers, end users (recreational or medicinal), product manufacturers and suppliers, Stores (dispensaries, garden etc.), and to solidify standards that exemplify the mission, vision and values of this society.