Grassroots Certification: An Internationally Recognized Model

OCGS approach is called a Participatory Guarantee System. PGS is employed by tens of thousands of producers worldwide. These programs minimize paperwork and certification fees and employ a peer-inspection process built on local networks. They’re typically a better fit for small-scale producers who sell locally.

Naturally Grown Cannabis is a Grassroots Alternative for small farmers looking to get reimbursement by distributing through local channels – your local Medicinal dispensary.  The farmers that make up your local landscape.

The NGC Standards and growing requirements are based on the USDA National Organic Program rules. They are no less strict- in fact  Organic minded  cannabis farmers are constantly improving their  growing methods  to increase yields and sustainability of their farming operations. There is currently no Organic Cannabis standards set by the government and it is our primary Intention  to set these standards to match the USDA Organic program.  We feel in some areas they may not be strict enough, and we have made them stricter in certain areas. all the while setting a reduced standard of paperwork and cost for the requirement.

The Naturally Grown Cannabis program ENCOURAGES sharing and advice between farmers.

As we move into the future with all states and federal laws moving in the obvious direction of a non schedule 1 drug status  because of the multitude of medical benefits and a serious push for recreational use.  We will grow into a farmer to farmer  peer based inspection.  Other farmers are most familiar with the pest and disease challenges likely to be faced by other farmers using natural methods in their area, so they are uniquely qualified to observe and note whether their neighbors are sticking to the standards. They’re also in a good position to make suggestions on how to deal with these challenges, thereby strengthening the local, natural farming community. Farmer-inspectors fill out a check-sheet inspection form and mail it back to us. It is scanned in and posted on the Internet for anytime public access.

All farmers applying to use the label must agree to do at least one inspection of another farm.