OCGS Consulting

We are now offering Consulting for Growers and Producers who need Help.

consult-1With our latest project a huge success getting 2 second place finishes at Ganjacon 2016 “Cheshire Kind” showed that a native soil grow following simple organic processes can score big results…

Our Consultants have 25yrs of Cultivation, Design and Building experience.  We know the latest indoor/outdoor production equipment, certified inputs and techniques.  We have Outdoor experience and can help guide you to Certified production in every aspect from under the Sun, to a huge Light deprivation greenhouse.  We can guide you to a system that will match your experience to a reasonable cost build-out that will allow you to expand but keep you in budget.

Our rates are variable, we can bid the job or charge a flat hourly rate plus travel and expenses.

Call or email to arrange consultation.