We believe that the finest cannabis comes from growers who use the finest natural and organic ingredients. With a focus of intention and attention , they spare no time or expense to make sure that the end product is the best quality. We believe that our labor will bring healing and happiness to the end user, medicinal or recreational. Through our strength in numbers we can help promote the new laws that are coming in a way that promotes and supports our ideals. In turn promoting our members products.

OCGS offers  Agricultural Certifications:

Our partnership with Certified-Kind Allows our members third party certification that follows the NOP and also gives OCGS supporting grower members a reduced rate on this top tier certification.

The Naturally Grown Cannabis Program is a Participatory Guarantee System. PGS is employed by tens of thousands of producers worldwide.

Licensed Products: Products licensed to carry the NGC logo will have been reviewed by our Organic certification expert using the Certified Kind standards and other International Standards that include sustainability. Evaluated to meet product and ingredient quality standards, displaying the NGC logo on your product label will help get your product recognized as a Natural and Organic product and make it easy for growers to meet many certification standards.