Clark Tippin

Do you have something to offer OCGS???? World wide expansion is on the Horizon.  If you have a skill, connection, finances, that fits into the OCGS machine or all of the above….  contact us!

TippyOCGS Founder
Clark is the founder of the Organic Cannabis Growers Society. He created it with the intent and vision to promote sustainable and natural growing practices so medical patients would have access to the best medicine.

Other Valuable Team Members

Andrew BlackCertification Standards Expert
With a decade of organic farm certification under his belt on a global scale, Andrew is our certification standards expert.
Lorilynn ImblerProduct Tester
With over 50 years of product testing and 40 years of organic gardening Lorilynn is a voice of reason and integrity for us, 40 plus years of teaching Yoga brings a wholeness perspective.
George CampbellMarketing
George has extensive experience in design and marketing. He is helping us bring OCGS to life by communicating our values to our current and potential partners via this website and other media.