Program Requirements

OCGS offers a certification called Naturally Grown Cannabis for indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor growers. If your growing practices are in keeping with the standards specified, you’re probably ready to take the six steps to certification, detailed below.

    1. Complete Certification Application. Link to application form
      Once accepted, applications become part of your online farm profile on on the OCGS website. This document should be kept updated to reflect your current practices.  You will have an online nickname (garden name) of your choice and your strains can also be listed.
    2. Video:  Make a video of your grow area and include all your inputs (fertilizers soil and pesticides).  See Video Sample
    3. Membership Dues  An annual financial contribution is required for certification.  We will have a small growers fee of $210 and a scaled fee for size at $420 and $840.  You may wait until after your application is accepted to pay your membership dues.
    4. Sign & Return Your Declaration/s   We’ll send you this one page form once your application is accepted.  This is quick and easy, but essential. Your signature indicates you meet and agree to all the Naturally Grown Cannabis standards, and you understand and accept the terms of participating in the NGC program. Your signed Declaration will be posted on your online profile. Declarations must be returned annually to keep your certification in good standing. 
    5.  On-Farm Inspection   All growers must arrange their own on-site video tour inspection which will show all inputs and products used before being accepted into the program, and then annually, at least once every 13 months.  Future Inspections are done by volunteers for free, ideally by other NGC farmers. Inspection forms and guidelines are available online.
    6. Conduct an Inspection   As a grassroots organization, NGC does have a work requirement. All participating growers agree to conduct at least one inspection of another NGC growsite starting in 2016. This requirement is waived if there is not another NGC growsite within a 1 hour drive.  Be pro-active, your dispensary/collective may know a NGC grower near you that may need an inspection (nobody “at NGC” does it for you). To maintain the program’s integrity, you may not “trade” inspections with the person who inspected your farm.

If your certification has been suspended, you may join again.  Email us for help.

Record Keeping :  If you are getting reimbursed for your products these are invaluable.  Please maintain records of the following items in one convenient folder for your inspector to quickly and easily access.  We do not need copies.

  1. Receipts and orders of the following: seed and clone orders; any purchased soil, amendments (off farm compost, rock powders, pre-mixed Organic Fertilizers, etc.); and any purchased organically acceptable botanical and biological pesticides (Bt, Sulfur, insecticidal soap, etc.)
  2. Keep an updated copy of your application. This was emailed to you. It can also be printed from your online profile.
  3. If you recycle your soil, please keep track of how many cycles.